Downloading ooyala video's or how I viewed a m3u8 on my windows phone.

Last Updated on 05 February 2015 | Written by CodeAsm

Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a video on his blog today and I wanted to watch it on my mobile phone.

I could have just watched it because its very small but no, I realy wanted the video offline.

And lucky us, ooyala provides a link to embeded the video, in such a way, that we have a direct link to their playlist. or apparantly, a m3u8 is a kind of stream playlist.

Some google and bing minutes later and I got the following website:

basicly saying:

ffmpeg can download it with the following command line:

Code: ffmpeg -i inputvideo.m3u8 outputvideo.ts


So yes, after I downloaded ffmpeg (realy handy) I later got a ts file, thats basicly a mp2 file like settop boxes use for streams.

altho I could have tried converting the file, windows mediaplayer and VLC just play it.

and while I copied the file to my Windows Phone 8.1, he said "This device does not support playing this file, would you like to convert it?" I clicked yes and there was a WMV file, with audio and video on my mobile :D

Thanks for reading, the more you know :D


OPS introduction

Last Updated on 14 October 2014 | Written by CodeAsm

The following project is about a christian religious software program, the "hacks" and tricks are not religious intended and I strongly suggest you refrain yourself for letting any comments of such topic that involve religion, believe or "facts" in the comments section. Ive not had any problems so far and not so much comments in general, lets keep it professional and on the topic. Thank you.

A few years go I used a program to present song-text to a screen using a beamer in a local church. This software is not unique, many options are available even freeware. When we (church, my dad and a good friend of mine) searched for other, free options or software to use at home we discovered that the Dutch organisation responsible for legal distribution only offers a software package digitally containing the lyrics and no other digital resource was "legaly" availeble.

Tobedone: the legal reasons of song-texts and internet. Basically, for personal use  you pay a fee when you buy a lyrics book from the official retailer. Opwekking is selling all kinds of books and songbooks. basically its legally impossible to obtain the text for free, or visit a church, where the church pays Opwekking to present and play the music. Im no lawyer, I dont want to be one and you should educate yourself before plaming me for whatever reasons.

Back to the software, OPS stands for OpwekkingsPresentatieSoftware and all versions appear to be called Pro (professional) but no other versions appear to be existing.
Also it apeared to be made availeble on CD in as early as 2004. wich could be version 1. Early contact with the programmer appear the software was done in Delphi and later versions done in a small team in C# with WPF and .net 3.0 at least. For this reason the software can not easily ported to Mac or Linux. Wine and mono seem unable to run the software, but legal free software is available and copies of the lyrics can be obtained, legal use is allowed after paying the right organisations.


2004 - 1.0?
2005 - 2.0?
2006 - 3.0, "OPS Pro 2006" CD and demo download
2007 - 4.0 "OPS Pro 2007" CD, update downloads (Updates V410 V411)
2008 - 5.0 "OPS Pro 2008" CD, update downloads (U510)
2009 - 5.1 "OPS Pro 2009" CD, update downloads (U5)
2010 - 6.0 "OPS Pro 2010" CD, update downloads (U6)
2011 - 7.0.1 "OPS Pro 2011" CD, update downloads (Update 7.0.3)
2012 - 7.0.3 "OPS Pro 2012" CD, update downloads (including new songs)
2013 - 7.1.? "OPS Pro 2013" CD, update downloads (update 7.1.4)
2014 - 7 "OPS Pro 2014" CD, no updates
2015 - 7  probably "OPS Pro 2015" and updates could be available


Not all information is complete, and sadly some updates are unavailable. No CD's where in our research available.

Read my next article

Screenshot of the 2006 version, DEMO wich you cannot official download anymore (Still works in Windows 8.1 :P ) on the Demo-version and its "protection".


Arch linux with Splash screen, Plymouth

Last Updated on 22 June 2015 | Written by CodeAsm

Kinda destroyed my Linux install this last monday and decided to reinstall Arch linux. (I tweeted about it, I removed /var ... silly me)

All fine and well, ill post my Nvidia setting for my Lenovo E530 someday soon(url should point you in the right direction), but today I played with the idea of enableing a Splashscreen for Arch, a sort of bootscreen for linux instead of all awesome hacker friendly notes about wich modules are loaded, you get greetings from a nice load bar. example on youtube (shows what I have now, but his one is not booting further... like me, earlier today...)

Ill try to keep it short, maybe you ended up reading my article because you also got a "failed (Result: timeout)" for plymouth-quit-wait.service

Im using the plymouth "legacy" plymouth-legacy 0.8.8-2 (Actualy, now it works I might try the newer one...first ill tell you why this legacy one is working (choosed it because maybe newer one was broken/)

anyway, along the many commenst, recompiles and pakage install people did, some people actualy gave info I dint saw many times...

mareex (2014-06-27 13:16)
After setting "ShowDelay=0" in "/etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf" splash finally showed up.

gokul (2014-06-27 09:30)
word of caution: I'm new to arch (just a few days) and new to systemd as well.

editing gdm-plymouth.service to change as follows stops plymouth screen properly.
#Conflicts=getty@tty1.service plymouth-quit.service
I think this is because "Conflicts" will stop services which is not the required action for plymouth-quit.service. It is already there in the "After" which is exactly what is needed.

Anyway, I believe the solutio Gokul gave us was the winner, I also set the delay to 0, just in case (tried 5 and later noting, but 0 seems to be fine)

Thanks Arch commenters, and now I can tweak the theme and see if I got rid of the %⎕⎕⎕ %⎕⎕⎕ %⎕⎕⎕ ....

(Should update to newer plymouth aswell.

I hope the comments work again (facebook and such.) else tweet me or find help arround the Archlinux bbs or comments

if you like to comment but do not see it appear, please mail:

support (at ) kernelpaniq (dot com


Xbox project status

Last Updated on 09 February 2015 | Written by CodeAsm

So recently some things arround my school made me have lotts of time.

Time to work on a Robot project, and ill make a post about that soon, but I also made some progress in researching the xbox.

xbox modchip

At first a working modchip was modified with a kernel I modded... went wrong, I was at the hackerspace and had no way to reprogram the modchip to a working state there. So back home I used my spiderchip from my first xbox (on the right) to Hotswap chips to reprogram the Xecuter2.2 Pro.

And well, just a day after I got a PM, and there we have a long searched file: Barnabas-2084 .rar (it is in 8 parts.)

its the sourcecode for the Xbox kernel, bios. I might try researching this for Xbox live, an idea many people have ideas about, but no one so far as proven a workingserver. modified xbox or custom servers... its probebly gonna be a mess.

The files are here:

[UPDATE] files are gone there, made an archive backup:

Im not hosting these, because nope. but ill reup if its needed.

Cannot tell alott about what ive done so far, but I can confirm its the source, and compares to a few kernel dumps i have.

More on this and other projects soon, hope Facebook comments work ;P


Website new comment system

Last Updated on 18 July 2014 | Written by CodeAsm

So after upgrading my Linux Arch install, customizing my Awesome Window manager and ordering some ic's for my robot project I introduce you to the Facebook comment system ive installed on my website (works way better than the other system I got and now removed).

So you sadly have to use Facebook (please comment on how to do Google+) and I hope you enjoy it.

Updates on my Vlog comming soon and I got a Eink paper, hope ill get it to work soon after my robot car with RaspiCamera.

Picture is of a Ledmatrix I got from BacoArmyGoods, and want to controll it from my arduino:


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