C programming Day 255

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Very handy, and so small, dint make it, but still.

int i;for(i=7;i>=0;i--)putchar('0'+((v>>i)&1));

int v is input, it prints the binairy version of it.
I just used it at skool for C lessons, and its handy. Also I am going to start doing some psx and xbox programming, maybe ill post some demo's (with hopefully also work in Cxbx.) Actualy, the image and this last thing isnt realy related to my post, but maybe You dint knew about the resent Cxbx development.

Cxbx is awesome btw, so check Shoguns newest version, it runs the dashboard now.



Cant find vasfmc,mcro ?

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Well, if you are using 2.1 of vasfmc and cant find the file to put in the FSX /modules folder. Heres a tip:




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Posted 25 June 2011 - 10:25 AM

Sorry, I can't uoload the file here. But cyou can download it on the avsim, search for vasfmc2.09. It is not included in version 2.1.





Ji\ust in case you want to extract just the file, its a INNO setup program, use the inno setup extracter CMD tool to get. Ill update this later for a small tutorial.





Storeupdate and Xbox Fun

| Written by CodeAsm

Dumping the contents of 7 xbox's to my HDD as a backup. Available soon. (Image unrelated actually.)

Im going to change the name of the dump to "KernelPaniQ's Store"

New items added like a few broken game controlers for the Playstation, 3 Playstation's and a broken Super NES or SNES. Also I like to inform some of you: 4 new blank PIC18F4550 for sale. Limited time offer, just 5 euro each.

Soon I catogorise 52 Broken or partly broken gamecontrolers and start price will be 3 euro each.
GC,SNES,PS/PS2 and N64.

Also Ive tested a few Xbox controlers, lot of them have caibration errors or digital sticks stuck at a value. Ill start selling those after tests for about 4 euro. They are USB controlers, drivers everywhere and internal USB Hub, so you can read/write Xbox memory cards. Controlers that work will be €5 but no breakaway. If you want a breakaway I need to find a suplier.

See you next time, I will have download goodies for the xbox and selling more products like a LCD screen(broken?) a dev board from Sony(unkown product) and a few discrete components.


Research and sale

| Written by CodeAsm

I have been thinking about what to sell and what to keep.
Most inportantly, for what kinds of projects do I have the time next to family, skool and main projects?

I do think I have to much playstations and I think I can sell at least 1 xbox one. Have a lot of controllers and some other stuff arround for sale. So you may see some of them online in my dump store.

The money Ill collect will mainly be used to buy a good soldering station, a logic analyzer and/or benchtop powersupply.

For my skool project for Embeded2 I do have now a LPC board, LCD screen and LiPo accu, so its now about soldering, finding a good 3.3 to 7 volt source and program my watch. As I have seen my classmates selling and buying a lott of nice stuff, I think I can get most of theyre stuff cheaper and sell asswell.

Anyway, you, the reader, is maybe not so intrested in this talk ive done, or you want to hear more about other stuff. actualy, I have no idea who reads this. so a way of communicating here will be made soon after I release the first products in the dumpstore. expect it to be here in the next 7 days.


Webshop almost done

| Written by CodeAsm

Random hacked xbox

Im just figuring out how Opencart works and trying to add products to it. Also im building some databases to keep track of things.
Ill keep you all updated if the shop is done.

you can order products and register already, all orders will be canceld and no refunds are made.
You Cannot buy anything as far as now. also remember that all prices are not final and subject to change, ass shipping and countrys I will post to will also change.

Im going to sell:
Controllers for consoles
Random electronic parts
Random ducks

So have fun watching and imm going to set up a small forum soon to.


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